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Zen Strength Breathwork & Ice Bath

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Zen Strength Breathwork & Ice Bath ยังไม่มีโพสต์
วันเริ่มต้น 05-10-20 - 12:30
วันสิ้นสุด 05-10-20 - 14:30
  • คำอธิบาย

    Breathe your way to peak states and tap into your power to withstand extreme cold.

    Find us (Zen Strength) here:
    (in the Chang Kien area just north of CMU)

    What is the Zen Strength Breathwork & Ice Bath?

    Inspired by many powerful proven breathwork modalities, Jason Ryer and Amphika Masanong will guide you on a journey deep inside your body using two of the most effective tools for ENERGY and altered brains states: oxygen and cold.

    Why do Breathwork?

    [+] Control Stress
    [+] Manage Energy
    [+] Lower Inflammation
    [+] Increase Endurance
    [+] Live Longer
    [+] Boost Creativity

    …and if you’ve over-indulged over the weekend, it’s great for your HANGOVER!

    Are you in?

    Please let us know ASAP if you plan on joining.

    What about the ICE BATH?!

    Yes, you can optionally test your level of stress and your POWER to break through your innate fears…in this case, the fear of COLD.

    You’ll have a new-found sense of calm, along with the support of your guides and the group to help you withstand ICE COLD water.

    What are the benefits of cold?

    [+] Fat loss
    [+] Improves immunity
    [+] Improves mood
    [+] Increases testosterone levels.

    Once again… Are you in?

    YES, if you read this far, of course you are!

    Remember that we’ll have a very limited number of participants, so

    please let me know ASAP if you plan on joining.


    [+] Welcome ?
    [+] Intros and warm-up
    [+] Breathwork
    [+] Ice bath!
    [+] Closing and adios

    PLEASE be on time so you can get the most out of the event! ?


    Please wear a swimsuit and bring a towel.


    To experience the most of the breath technique, please come to the event with an empty stomach. If you must eat before the event, please eat light, and give yourself a space from 30-45 mins before coming to the event.

    Your contribution is VERY much appreciated.

    Suggested donation: ~500 baht

    (If you’re REALLY tight on funds, no worries, no problem, and no judgement.)


    At Zen Strength (our house!):

    [Click here for Google Maps Link]

    Zen Strength
    79/16 m. 1 Mae Khua Mung Soi 2,
    Tambon Chang Phueak,
    Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai,
    Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand

    We’re in the Chang Khian area just north of CMU. Follow the map to my house and park inside. The house is in back. Come on in!

    Use the Google map link above to find us – and plan to come 5-10 minutes early if it’s the first time visiting us.

    NOTE: All parts of the event are entirely optional. If at any time, you don’t feel comfortable doing the breathwork, cold bath, or anything else, no problem. Just let us know!

    ALSO: If you have any health issues that you think may be an issue, please advise a medical professional and also let us know.

    Limited availability!

    For now we’re limiting the event to just 5 participants.

    Please let me know ASAP if you plan on joining – by sending me a private message or email.

    About us:

    Zen Strength is an Eco-Health playground in Chiang Mai with a mission to help re-unite people with nature – and better health.

    Hosted by Jason Ryer & Amphika Masanong

    Jason Ryer is a certified Bulletproof and Human Potential Coach helping business leaders go from tired, fat and distracted – to energetic, strong, and focused.

    Jason leads and runs a few other meetups and events:

    [+] Biohackers Chiang Mai
    [+] Fasting Support
    [+] Digital Detox

    Jason also offers online courses – currently the Master Faster Detox Challenge.

    Born and raised in Chiang Mai, Amphika is a budding entrepreneur in the tourist industry with over 7 years of experience building and working for a local tour operator.

    She offers:

    [+] Healthy Thai Cooking Classe
    [+] Treks to nearby Waterfalls
    [+] Historic Temple Tours

    Come join us and experience the power of your breath – and the resulting calm that helps you withstand the cold of the ice bath.